Benefits of a Belly Band

The belly band is an elastic compression garment, designed to lift and gently cradle the growing baby bump, while applying firmer compression to the pelvis and lower back.

When to use:

1. Pregnancy Support : reduce Pelvic and lower back pain and help keep diastasis as small as possible as your tummy grows. (Ideal when carrying twins.)

2. C-section Recovery : Medical studies show that binding the tummy post-op, which can significantly reduce pain, keeps the wound stable and make walking easier.

3. Heal Postpartum : support the abdominal wall, internal organs, pelvis, and spine after childbirth. Treat diastasis (abdominal muscle separation). Binding straight after birth is know to assist the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down.

*For the best result, wear it as soon as possible after childbirth, once your medical team give you the ok.